Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weight Loss Journey

Hi, my name is Sally, and I am addicted to food. I started gaining weight when I was diagnosed with Lupus at 17. I suddenly went from a 3 season athlete, to being completely bed-ridden/couch-ridden. It was hard for me to get around without severe intense pain. Between the lack of movement, prednisone (steroids), and depression that followed...I ballooned up to a whopping 195 pounds. It took me several years (about 4-5) and it was actually one year of weight loss, where I just re-evaluated my servings of food, and made healthier choices. I still wasn't physically able to move as much, but I made it count in other areas. I got down to 145 pounds and got pregnant. I didn't gain that much weight, at first, during the pregnancy, but by the 3rd trimester I was eating cheese on everything....not literally, but you get my point. I was 194 when I delivered and afterwards was down to 182. I suffered post-partum depression...not extreme, but I was very depressed. My daughter was my world and was so wonderful, but there was something missing. I went to work for a little while, but my Lupus and MG flared up and I was unable to return. I started eating very unhealthy...chocolate, soda, lots of junk. I gained weight and eventually found myself topping the scale at 210 pounds. 210 pounds...can you believe it? I am 5' 5" and I had never been that large before. I felt awful. I needed to be more for my daughter who was now over a year old. I took off 20 pounds in a few months by cutting out some of the junk I was eating. I still had a ways to go. I started moving more, and this was aided eventually in October of 2009 when I received a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit as part of a sweepstakes that I had won. I started the Wii Fit at 190ish pounds and am now at 175. There have been ups and downs, but this last month I have been consistently shedding the pounds despite unhealthy eating habits. I am hoping that I can continue to have success, and can make wiser choices when it comes to my diet. I would love to be at 145 and am hoping to atleast lose 15 more pounds by the end of May...I think I can do more than that, and am working towards that. May will be the month that I actually started working towards weight loss last year. It has not been a smooth-sailing year, but I have continued to lose weight despite everything. I would like to be held accountable and that is why I am going to start blogging about my weight loss journey. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and wish me LUCK!

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